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* Dungeon finder

It is just plain bad. The matchmaking is terrible and you often will find yourself zones in to a cleared instance with a 15 minute dungeon finder lockout timer.


The developers made the choice to completely separate PVP stats from normal game stats. What this means is that you need a completely different set of gear in order to PVP effectively at any tier. The PVP gear is extremely bland and you'll find that everybody in your tier is wearing exactly the same set of gear. Expect to be facerolled in PVE if you are wearing your PVP gear, too. Crit bonus, potency, multi-attack are all filtered out in to their respective PVP and PVE specific stats. It was a bad move. It was mostly brought on by the next point...

* Crit chance

If you run around in an MMO with 75% crit chance you feel pretty awesome. I know I did when I first hit level 90 when Sentinel's Fate came out. How about 270%? Yeah, that's the crit chance I currently have on my Illusionist. Now you have a guaranteed 1.3x damage bonus. You now rely on crit bonus to get another guaranteed boost in power - a crit bonus of 50% would make you crit at 1.7x damage. Potency is applied before this... another guaranteed way to boost your attack power. (Update: I think last time I checked I had 130% potency and 130% crit bonus or there abouts which would make an ability that normally hits for 1000 hit for 1000x2.3x2.7=6210 - my main ability that I can spam every 2 seconds hits for approx. 20k)

Basically the stats got ridiculous and it made all content before Sentinel's Fate almost obsolete.

* Free-to-play

The restrictions on the free version are way too restrictive.

EQ2 is a gear based game. You can solo for your first 20 or 30 levels but you will get to a point where you think... hey, this game is all about grouping up with people and dungeon running for awesome loot! Well, sure, you can dungeon run - you'll find lots of other people dungeon running for awesome loot. It's just a shame you can't equip any of it! You could purchase an unlock per item for like £1/item... Man I can't even imagine how expensive that dungeon run would be... or pay up £9 for a non-recurring subscription of 1 month (you get a 500SC bonus per month for subscribing though which is actually pretty good since you can purchase a month extra for 1500SC... you get 1 month free every 3 months)

* Bugs

The developers have been made aware of, and acknowledged many potentially game-breaking bugs for months - some going way back to the release of Destiny of Velious in February 2011, but there have been no fixes.

* Testing/feedback

Linked with the above... they ask us to play on the test server to run through new content and report bugs. Users do this, and I've witnessed it many times - it gets reported on the forums as a major issue, but the developers seemingly ignore it, then release it, then all hell breaks loose, and everybody says "told you so" ... if you want to see how to not do a game update for an MMO, just go to google and type in "EverQuest 2 Reitemization" and you'll see why people got so angry they left.

Great game :D

Follow your heart and live the dream <3

Wed Feb 01, 2012 9:02 am 
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