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Hi all

Had a requirement recently to quickly scrape anchor text links from a webpage containing the name attribute, so you can link to them with webpage.html#anchorname etc.. Sometimes, forums and wiki articles have these anchor names but don't expose it to the user, even though they are incredibly useful for linking someone to a specific point in a document.

So I made the following script:

(function() {var a = document.querySelectorAll('a[name]');var f = false;for(var i in a) {if(a.hasOwnProperty(i) && a[i].name) {f = true;var h = a[i].innerHTML;console.log(location.href + '#' + a[i].name + ' - ' + (h != '' ? h.trim() : 'No link text'));}}if(!f) { console.log('No anchors'); }})();

You can save it as a bookmark in your browser (just add javascript: before the code) so you can click it whenever you want - just be sure to check the console output (F12 in Chrome).

While I was at it, I made a handy regular expression to reduce code down to one line and remove excessive spacing:

([\n\r\t]*|[ \s]{2,})

I use this in Sublime sometimes (Sublime has a regular expression find and replace mode, for those that aren't aware!)


So I discovered that you can link to things in the page by their ID attribute. Honestly, did not know that until yesterday. So here is some better code:

(function(){var e=document.createElement("style");e.type="text/css";e.innerHTML=".anchor_expose_hl { background-color: #ff0 !important; }";document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(e);var t=["h1","h2","h3","h4","h5","h6","span","p","a"];var n=["name","id"];var r="";for(var i in t){for(var s in n){r+=t[i]+"["+n[s]+"],"}}r=r.replace(/,$/,"");var o=document.querySelectorAll(r);var"","anchors","width=400,height=400,resizeable,scrollbars");var e=document.createElement("style");e.type="text/css";e.innerHTML="li:hover { background-color: #ff0 !important; }";u.document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(e);var a=document.createElement("h1");a.innerHTML="Anchors for "+document.title;var f=document.createElement("ul");for(var i in o){if(o.hasOwnProperty(i)&&(o[i].id||o[i].name)){v=!o[i].id?o[i].name:o[i].id;var l=o[i].name?"name":"id";var c=o[i].tagName;var h=o[i].textContent||o[i].innerText||"";var p=document.createElement("li");var d={tn:c,att:l,v:v,w:u};p.onmouseover=function(){var e=this.w.opener.document.querySelector("["+this.att+"="+this.v+"]");e.classList.add("anchor_expose_hl");e.scrollIntoView()}.bind(d);p.onmouseout=function(){this.w.opener.document.querySelector("["+this.att+"="+this.v+"]").classList.remove("anchor_expose_hl")}.bind(d);p.innerHTML='<a href="'+location.href+"#"+v+'" target="_blank">'+v+"</a> - "+(h!=""?h:"<i>No link text</i>");f.appendChild(p);console.log("#"+v+" - "+(h!=""?h:""))}}u.document.body.appendChild(a);u.document.body.appendChild(f)})()

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